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We are a journalistic multi segment TV news magazine edited to cool music.
Join The Xcorps and: Ride a cool SnowBike- Fly a Mig-21 Jet- Climb Mt.Everest- Huck a MX Backflip- Roll a Gas  powered Skate Board- BASE Jump A Mexican Cave- Catch and Release a 700LB Marlin- Skim a sic Shorebreak- Race Offroad Dirt Rods- Luge a Steep Hairpin and Rock with Hard Core Bands! See The Action Hear The Music-Join The Xcorps!

The X Corps ARE the shows cool hosts - Roslyn Bradle, Jason Lazo, Eric Ducharme,
Bob Woodard and guest hosts whose mission is to report on new music and participate in traditional as well
as emerging sports and lifestyles from around the globe. X Corps hosts are athletes and musicians
just looking for a rockin' good time! See the Action -Hear the Music - Join the X Corps!

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