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This website is intended to represent the alternative world of Action X Sports and to better define the somewhat obscure boundries of this sports lifestyle! GRX functions as a web portal lens in a journalistic attempt to focus and illuminate these sports via a wide range of current and historic videos shorts from around the world. Highest technical and professional quality is represented.

Its a jungle out here in web-video land! There is now so much video content online now that its pretty easy to get sidetracked and waste a lot of time watching junk vids that had a great title and 10 million views but really sucked! GRX is a focus lens - a journalistic web portal to the world of action sports hosted by Xcorps Television. That’s what GRX is all about – keeping it tight with the focus on sports that include multi genre Skating, Surfing,Wake, Snowboard and Ski, BMX, BASE, MX and the many hybrid offshoots.

As video journalists we wade through the many and mundane using special bio-web-hazard suits to bring you the best in action sports and music lifestyle! We include multi genre motorsports in this category too! On GRX you get lots of adrenaliZed action lifestyle and new music all wrangled together giving you the viewer a solid look at the real alternative world of Action X Sports! GRX is part of the Guerrilla X Network Portals. Since we have lots of journalistic broadcast TV experience with our Xcorps Action Sports TV series we know where and how to find the choice stuff.

Many of the videos here on GRX cannot be seen anywhere else. Right now we don’t allow millions of uploads to thin our tight mix but we will be adding a VIEWER VIDS button on our menu page soon enough. Stay tuned! In the meantime just hit our CONTACT button and give us your suggestions for cool videos that will fit our Action Sports categories and we will take a serious look at them.

So if your looking for dumb ass pet tricks or goof ball freak vids you will not find them here on GRX…maybe a few primo ones but only the best top shelf videos to watch and most of them in HD format! Please contact us with questions or suggestions and send us a link to your video- we will consider adding it to the mix here on GRX. GRX is part of the Guerrilla X TV Network and brought to you by the producers of the action sports TV series TheXcorps. GRXtv.com San Diego California

GRX is your ACTION SPORTS and MUSIC LIFESTYLE PORTAL to the best video on the web! Here on GRX our web editors scan thousands of online videos to bring you the best in multiple action sports categories from hardcore brutal to goofball comedy! Sorry not too many stupid pet tricks here…just lots of sick fun action and great music! GRX is also the only place on the web you can watch full length episodes of the Action Sports TV series The Xcorps! GRX is part of the GUERRILLA X NETWORK ©2010 Guerrilla X LLC http://grxtv.com/ All Rights Reserved Welcome to GRX – The Guerrilla X Network.

We area web portal for choice Action Sports Music and Motorsports. We round up the best short cool vids for you. This is our specialty. No punks or dumb ass animal videos...maybe a few dogs who skate and surf real good! We deliver the best in adrenaliZed action sports and great music of all genres. Thanks for Joining us!

We here at GRX are not new to producing Action Sports TV. Some of our producers have a long history of creating and producing Guerrilla style journalistic broadcast level television beginning before the X GAMES with the Planet X series followed by over 50 episodes of our new Xcorps action sports music TV series.

Guerrilla television- From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia-

“In the 1960s and 1970s, counter-culture video collectives extended the role of the underground press to new communication technologies. Michael Shamberg, Paul Ryan and others co-founded a video collective called Raindance Corporation. Paul Ryan was a student and research assistant of Marshall McLuhan, who believed modern technology, such as television, was creating a global village and challenging cultural values, and coined the term "Cybernetic guerrilla warfare" to describe how the counter-culture movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s should use communication technology to get its message to the public.

Despite a bias in the counter-culture movement towards anti-technology , people like Ryan and former Time-Life correspondent Michael Shamberg believed new technology wanted social change. Shamberg preferred the term Guerrilla television (the title of his 1971 book), because despite its strategies and tactics similar to warfare, Guerrilla television is non-violent. He saw Guerrilla television as a means to break through the barriers imposed by Broadcast television, which he called beast television. They urged for the use of Sony's Portapak video camera, released in 1968 to be merged with the documentary film style and television. The group later became TVTV, or Top Value Television, one of the medium's most influential video collectives.